Happy Easter and/or Passover

I’m currently under assault by four very cute, very intense little cousins, so my blog writing will probably cease for a few days. If they manage to snap any of my limbs (or my spine), the downtime may prove more extensive.  :-)

Speaking of my cousins — Alexandra (age 7) has discovered Sonic the Hedgehog via a free flash-game website. She really enjoys it (and why shouldn’t she? Sonic rocked!)

Watching Alex play has further strengthened my belief that many more women would be “hardcore” gamers today, if only the industry hadn’t alienated them with utterly male-centric marketing in years past. That’s starting to change now, and I think the results are going to (positively) surprise everyone in the not-too-distant future. It’ll mean a lot more money for this industry!

5 responses to “Happy Easter and/or Passover

  1. I told Alex that I’d be her cheerleader while she played, and she told me “Boys can’t be cheerleaders. You’re a football player.” But I guess girls *can* play Sonic. :)

  2. Ah, then you need to show her this game.

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