Articles of Interest

  • The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft may acquire Massive (in-game advertising company) for $200M – $400M.
  • Programmers and EA reach a $14.9M overtime settlement, and the identity of the “EA Spouse” is finally revealed.
  • Prediction: Report: China’s Video Game Market to Reach $2.1B in 2010, driven in part by the casual game market.
  • Via Digg, yet another visceral example of why the Nintendo Revolution is going to rock. (It helps if you like Star Wars.)

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  1. Looks like that’s the Nintendo Wii now, eh. Somehow, the name no longer conjurs images of sword fights and gunbattles to me. Oh well, I suppose I’ll get used to it. Can’t say “Nintendo” would have made me think of an italian plumber either, if I didn’t know better.

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